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LIVESTRONG.COM is an Award winning* daily destination for millions of men and women seeking health, fitness, and nutrition information. I led the strategy and oversaw product, design, ux and mobile teams to create what is now one of the most popular health and wellness lifestyle brands online.

* Webby Peoples Choice Award Winner of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences 16th annual honors for excellence on the Internet.

Content Strategy


Sixty-five percent of traffic to LIVESTRONG.COM was from female visitors and the amount of time they spent on the site was below industry averages. I worked with the editorial and analytic teams to understand why. We found that women and men had significantly different goals when visiting the site and that women felt less confident in the content when mens content was present.


Working with the editorial team, we created gender specific channels, features and content which increased engagement among LIVESTRONG.COM’s audience. Gender based content increased the amount of content, increased SEO reach and provided more targeted opportunities for our advertisers.

Feature Strategy


Our vast library of video and article content attracted visitors to the site, however building a subscription model based on content alone was going to be challenging as there is a lot of competition offering similar content. We needed to create a utility feature that bridged our users goals with our content.


Working with the analytic team, I identified a large percentage of our visitors were consuming weight loss and nutrition content. Through research, I found a very early stage website that allowed users to count calories and track the nutrition values of the food they consumed. We acquired the company and I quickly created our first subscription based feature ‘MyPlate’ by creating an intuitive UX that was easy to use and customize while expanding our SEO reach by parsing their database into content pages.

The food nutrition section was among the most popular on LIVESTRONG.COM. MyPlate is that feature interfaces with the database and encourages tracking of calories, sodium, fat and other dietary intakes. MyPlate tracks and provides real-time analytics to achieve individual users goals.

Exercise content was another popular section of LIVESTRONG.COM. MyLoops is a feature that allows users to create, explore and track running, walking and hiking routes. Distance, elevation, gender and age is used to calculate and track performance and metrics goals.

On The Go

Setting goals, tracking and analytical tools are the foundation of LIVESTRONG.COM’s features. Making these features more accessible on the go and among a variety of devises was a natural and logical evolution.

Support Network

The LIVESTRONG.COM community was created to provide a platform for users to learn, encourage, share and help each other achieve their goals. The community has access to features such as groups, contests, blogs and forums.

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