Movies Together

Hallmarks mission to enrich people’s lives is apparent in all of their products and services. When entering the SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) market the service had to continue supporting the values that has made Hallmark what it is today.

As their product and visual design consultant, I worked with the executives to create and execute the entire SVOD product and a new sub-brand, Feeln.

Modern Nostalgia

To differentiate itself from the other SVOD services, Feeln would only license, produce and curate content that was appropriate for the entire family. Bringing back the time when families watched movies together in their living room was a value that they wanted to be associated with. The Feeln logo nods to a simpler time while the product design is fresh, clean and modern.

Web First?


Ultimately, most customers would be experiencing Feeln on a television through devices such as Apple TV, Roku, etc., however, Hallmark’s marketing plan is focused on acquiring new users online.


Create a web version of the service that would introduce the new users of Feeln’s value propositions, services and great content with the same experience. The web based solution provided for options and opportunities that were not yet available on emerging platforms.

Multi Platform

Emerging platforms were always the ultimate distribution channels. Feeln is available on the most popular streaming devices, mobile and tablet applications.

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